Technical Services & Lab Capabilities

Value-Added Services

Our customer relationship extends beyond the delivery of quality products at competitive prices.

We provide a variety of services in connection with our sale of ready mix concrete that can help reduce our customers’ in-place cost of concrete. These services include:

  • Formulations and alternative product recommendations that reduce labor and materials costs.
  • Quality control, through automated production and laboratory testing, that ensures consistent results and minimizes the need to correct completed work.
  • Automated scheduling and tracking.

Laboratory Capabilities

We operates a full-time laboratory capable of many ASTM Standard Test Methods including:

  • Compressive strength testing of concrete
  • Testing drilled cores
  • Decantation of coarse and fine aggregate
  • Absorption and specific gravity of coarse and fine aggregate
  • Abrasion resistance of coarse aggregate
  • Sieve analysis and fineness modulus of coarse and fine aggregate
  • Shrinkage testing of concrete
  • Time of setting of mortar
  • Density of structural lightweight concrete
  • Sulfur capping of concrete cylinders
  • Rebound hammer testing of concrete
  • Windsor probe testing of concrete
  • Sand equivalency testing
  • Lime slurry testing